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Pests can ruin our homes, health, and happiness. The professionals of BUGCO Pest Control have developed several great plans which will adequately manage a variety of pest problems you will encounter here in south Texas.

One Time Services: Whether you need closure for a specific pest issue or general maintenance to keep your home healthy, we can help.
Our Team of Licensed Pest Management Technicians will adequately control frequently occurring pests such as Roaches and Ants plus an array of commonly infesting pests. We take our service a step further and includes the yard plus provides control for Fleas, Ticks, Scorpions, Wood Destroying Ants and Hanging Wasps Nests.   

All our One Time Services are backed by a warranty and the ambition to make you happy with your decision to choose BUGCO Pest Control.

Re Occurring Services:
Need ongoing protection and reliability you can count on? We want to take care of you like family and prove that our pest management services will lessen pest sightings in and around your home. Your account will be handled with care by our courteous office staff and prompt, knowledgeable technicians. While on service we will be ready to respond when you need us. We will send you reminders of your service dates in advance. We will ensure your satisfaction.